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Exercise Vs. Fibromyalgia
February 09, 2016

A real solution

“Sickness should have little, if anything, to do with whether we exercise” - Dr. David B. Agus, MD

If I were to tell you of all the great things exercise has done for me and my illness, I would have to write another book. Since 1975 There have been countless studies done on the remarkable wonders of exercise. Study after study tells of the positive benefits it holds.

Now I know you may be thinking...

“I’ve heard all of this before, but how does exercise apply to my fibromyalgia?”

It not only applies to your fibromyalgia, but also to those suffering from far greater diseases like Cancer and Diabetes. Did you know that if you suffer from fibromyalgia, you are at a greater risk for these other diseases?

If you don't begin to take better care of yourself today – right now, you better get used to a life along side of your Doctor. The reality is, you can invest yourself in this system or in your medical bills.

Please, for the sake of yourself and your family, don't make the mistake of thinking you have time.

Do not think that fibromyalgia will be the only chronic disease you become diagnosed with. The opposite is true for you. With fibromyalgia you are at a far greater risk.

I suffer from the auto immune disease ulcerative colitis. Unfortunately for me, this means I am at a greater risk of developing colon cancer.

You must begin to take a hold of your own fibromyalgia treatment. There is no better way at achieving this than through movement and diet.

You’ve invested in this eBook system. You are ready to take hold of your treatment. You are ready to shed some weight and become lighter on your feet. You are ready to forget the past and move forward to the greater things God has for you!

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