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Your reason, Your purpose.
February 05, 2013

Reason and purpose...

I usually like to keep our letters upbeat and positive.

I figure if you have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, you need to be uplifted, fed positive thoughts.

Except today...

Recently I have received emails and letters describing to me what many of you think of yourselves. Emails and letters filled with words such as - Loser, weak, depressed, worthless, and alone.

My reaction to these emails is typically the same.

First I get sad that many of you feel that way. Then I get angry.

Fibromyalgia will not only keep your body trapped by pain and fatigue, it will also hold your mind hostage - if you let it!

Because so many of you find it hard to sleep, you become mentally fatigued and let negative thoughts creep in, and before you know it, you actually begin to believe those negative thoughts.

The fact is, there are many people with fibromyalgia who are doing positive, wonderful things. Whether they are running support groups or running marathons, they are not only taking on fibromyalgia physically, they are whipping it mentally as well.

You all have a reason and a purpose here. You must begin to believe that. Through exercise and diet you must clear your mind and figure out what it is.

Many of you are starting new careers in the fitness world and I think it's great. Keep reaching higher.

For those of you still struggling with the negative mentality of fibromyalgia, follow these simple tips.

Begin to think carefully about what you are thinking about, especially when you are fatigued. When those negative thoughts come, immediately banish them and replace them with happier ones.

Speak strong, healthy words into your life. You are exercising, you are getting stronger, you are getting focused, you are finding your purpose!

Rest does not always mean sleep. You can find a few minutes a day to just sit or lay in total silence, emptying your mind and body of all stress and anxiety. Just sit there and imagine yourself flying above the clouds (works for me).

These letters are created for the Champion inside of you and nothing less. They are created for those of you who will rise above fibromyalgia and leave behind the dust.

Created for those of you who will move on, but never forgetting where you came from, and lifting those up who are still there!

Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye. - Helen Keller

Your 12 week exercise journey begins here!

Eric Suarez, CPT.

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