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How to manage your fibro pain
November 10, 2015

Manage your pain

Fibromyalgia pain management is a multidimensional approach to relieve your pain. It should always include some form of exercise program.

Whether it is exercise for low back pain or another type of exercise for your fibromyalgia trigger points, it should be done with ease.

If you are currently taking fibromyalgia pain medication continue.

The plan is to increase your fitness to decrease your dependence on the medication. Many of my clients did not like the way the fibromyalgia pain medication made them feel. Many of them no longer take them.

I am not claiming that exercise for fibromyalgia is all that is needed and your pain points will disappear.

My clients still have pain......occasionally. The exercise has given them the capability to better control their pain.

Serotonin is a chemical produced in our brains that help us deal with physical pain and stress. Fibromyalgia research has concluded that sufferers have reduced levels which causes their pain to be magnified.

There is only one true and proven method to increase your serotonin levels...Exercise!

The approach to pain management on all levels is to minimize the pain, rather than to eliminate it.

Not to sound rude but we all have some form of pain. I understand that the pain you endure as a result of your fibromyalgia flares can sometimes be extreme.

You can diminish the pain with healthy exercise and a healthy diet.

Many people exercise to look better and to feel better. I believe those results are both secondary to being physically healthier.

The approach of exercise for fibromyalgia involves strengthening your body both physically and emotionally to deal with your pain.

Many fibromyalgia sufferers were involved in some form of traumatic experience. Maybe it was a car accident, skiing accident or other injury.

Most people will have pain for a short duration afterward and then heal.

For unknown reasons, if you have fibromyalgia the pain remains. Fibromyalgia research still can't explain this.

A pro-active approach to your fibromyalgia pain management must involve some form of physical activity.

Walk, run, lift weights, box, dance, jump rope, aerobics, swim, the list goes on and on and on.

You have way to many physical activities to declare "it hurts". It is always going to hurt.

If your fibromyalgia pain management includes exercise, your body will get stronger, even though it hurts.

That increase in strength will give your body the edge it needs to fight the pain.

A stronger body equals a stronger mind. A stronger mind equals a fighting spirit.

Get strong and give your body the fighting chance it deserves.

You only get one body...Use it wisely!

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