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Flu season and fibro.
January 30, 2013

Fibromyalgia and being overweight

I am not here to judge anyone, that's not m job. I am only here to guide you along a healthy path so you can live a happy, healthy life with fibromyalgia.

That's what I want for my clients, that's what I want for you.

The statistics are there. More than half of you are overweight with fibromyalgia. This creates an environment in which it will be virtually impossible to feel better or get any sleep.

This also increases your chances of getting a secondary illness, which is not what you want. Again, I am not here to judge.

I hear from many of you who have used my videos, invested in my 12 week system, and have found success.

But, I know there are many more out there who have not. Many of you have been trough hell. Your past has been full of hurt and sadness. No matter who you are, life will always find a way to rain down on everyone at certain times. But...

The resources are here for you. Imagine what those who had fibromyalgia 50 years ago endured. No medication, no name for it, know one to talk to.

Many of you have asked me to produce an exercise video for fibromyalgia. It's in the works. But for now, how many of you have followed any of my YouTube exercise videos?

They are free....

That means you don't have to pay!

Just click on the link below.

I know those who had fibromyalgia 50 years ago would have...

Fibromyalgia exercise videos.

You can do it!

I got you back...

Eric Suarez, CPT.

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