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A Fibromyalgia survival kit?
December 04, 2012

Your fibromyalgia survival kit

You should have one for your home...

A survival kit. Here in New York we were left without electricity for days thanks to hurricane SANDY. So I put together some simple items for the next go around with the next storm.

Flashlight, matches, candles, water, etc...

Which led me to come up with some items you may need, when your next fibromyalgia storm comes raining down...

Water - Make no mistake about it. It's a lot healthier than anything else you are drinking (i.e. juice, beer, wine...)It also helps flush out your system of all those nasty toxins you breathe in and out everyday.

Foam Roller - I have a whole chapter dedicated to this simple tool in my new exercise system (coming out soon). These things help you get a nice little self massage while exercising at the same time. They range anywhere from $5.00 to $50.00.

Heating Pad - For the days when 3 hot baths seems too much!

Journal - For your mood, diet, and exercise. There is no better way to really see what is wrong, when, and why...

Green Tea - Yes, I know it tastes nasty. But it's worth it. The anti oxidants and calming effects of it are priceless. Plus the stuff is dirt cheap!

Faith - As hard as it may seem at times, it's really the only thing that's gotten you through when all else has failed. No matter what it takes, don't ever let it Go...

What's in your kit?

Bye for now,

Eric Suarez, CPT.

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