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Fight Fear!
September 09, 2013

Got Fear?

My 4 year old daughter Sabella began kindergarten today.

It almost felt as if I began school today. I am still a little nervous of how the school bus ride went, how she gets along with others, and if she will say any of those bad words she learned from daddy...

As I watched her get on the school bus this morning I just marveled at how brave she and all the other kindergartners were.

Stepping away from their security into a new world. A world where everything is new and exciting. How courageous she was for not looking back and crying, for focusing straight ahead into a new and adventurous world.

It will be tough for her at times I know, but damn, she was pretty brave this morning - No Fear!

If only I could be that brave.

Don't be scared anymore - Don't let fibro keep you looking back and crying. Like Sabella did - look forward and focus on what God has in store for you.

Your not alone.

I was scared to express that deep down my 4 year old means the world to me and today she got up on that bus and took a little piece of my heart with her.

She also taught me that if daddy can leave his fear behind - daddy's future looks bright, and so does yours!

God bless the kindergartners today for being so Brave!

Eric Suarez,CPT.

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