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Age and fibromyalgia
August 16, 2013


I received this email this week:

"I really believe in exercise for fibro and CFS.

However I am in day two of complete exhaustion after an aerobic class on Tuesday (3/4 hr). I can do it, enjoy it. Feel great after it, but the next few days I feel really ill with exhaustion

I like to do Pilates but since getting fibro I find the stretching really painful on my muscles as if they are tearing apart.

Would love some advice on how I should proceed."

Many thanks


A pretty normal email until I found out Helen's age...

71 going on 72!

She may not be your hero but she's mine.

Come on folks get on the program and set your sights higher, farther, stronger...

If you have fibro. and are under 71 today, there is no excuse, there is always something you can do.

Get Inspired!

"Eric, Thank you for your reply. I am 71 years old. Quite fit except for this damned fibro.

I do exercise class on Tuesday and Friday. Pilates in between.

I will cut the class down to 30 mins and see if it helps.

Also I intend to do your exercises and diet from your eBook."

Best wishes


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Eric Suarez,CPT.

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