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The future of fibromyalgia
July 31, 2014

How far we've come

If we look back to just a few years ago, the prognosis for those suffering from fibro was pretty depressing.

You were probably told to go home, get a lot of rest, and take your meds everyday.

It’s no wonder many also suffer from depression as well-

Well that’s the past and now we know differently.

Yes you can exercise (properly and with patience.)

No you don’t always need medication.

Yes diet absolutely makes a difference.

Yes – you made it this far and you will continue to succeed. Don’t ever think otherwise.

Stay strong folks.

Get some exercise in today, eat better than you did yesterday and think happy thoughts.

I've been consulting with past clients who are now operating their own businesses, their own ventures.

It’s great to see, really a miracle.

You can do it!

Believe, Believe, Believe…

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Eric Suarez,CPT.

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