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Flu season and fibro.
January 26, 2013

Flu season and fibro.

This October, I took the flushot with my Doctor's recommendation.

This December, I had the flu not once - but twice...

Here in the Northeast of the United States, this years flu is espescially aggresive. There have'nt been too many people able to escape it.

What does this mean for your fibromyalgia?

It means you don't want to get the flu this year!

1. As much as I promote fitness for fibromyalgia, It's time to moderate your exercise. Slow down a bit and give yourself a day of rest after each training day.

Example: Don't exercise 3 days in a row.

2. Water, water, and then have a big glass of water.

There is truth in flushing out your system, getting rid of all those nasty little bacteria.

3. Whatever is stressing you out. Whatever is causing you anxiety. It's time to let it go for now. The flu loves stress and anxiety, it's the perfect breeding ground for it.

4 Espescially for my readers over there in Ireland (Jill Marsh), Keep warm! I wear a hat inside of my house. Remeber your body heat leaves your body from the head up...

5. Lower your carbohydrates and clean up your diet. Stick to green leafy vegatbles and small portions of fruit.

Good luck my friends, Be well!

Eric Suarez, CPT.
Your 12 Week Fibromyalgia Exercise Guide

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