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A Thanksgiving treat
November 20, 2012

A Thanksgiving treat

Today's post comes from one of our readers, Janelle Woodard. For the upcoming holiday season her message makes a ton of sense.

Also, at the end of Janelle's post is a special treat to help you end your year healthy and strong.

From Janelle woodard,

"While watching The great Dr. Joyce Meyers a few weeks back I was propelled to take a little step of "positivity" which as it turns out, has made a huge impact on the way I live and think with fibromyalgia. Her lecture that morning was about taking a 30 day fast from complaining, and instead to remain in a spirit of gratitude.

Now I am sure we have all heard from Doctors, family, and friends, of how important it is to remain optimistic in our struggles with fibromyalgia. Heck, even Eric promotes positive energy to help us through our fibro journey.

But the difference was now I could actually put it to use on a time table of 30 days. Could I do it? Could I even make 1 day without complaining about my I.B.S, fatigue, soreness, or kids who sometimes make my pain worse?

I committed myself to the 30 days and have made it through and still going strong on day 42.

The time table of 30 days was like magic. Every time I found myself beginning to whine or feel sorry for myself - the 30 day mark wold set in and I would immediately change my thoughts to something like - the beach or my daughters upcoming wedding (seeing myself actually dance a little).

Sure I have complained a bit but not for long, and I usually feel a little ashamed at exactly what I seem to be complaining about (not being able to complete my required sets of exercise.) At least I am trying.

I challenge you all to get on the 30 day complaining fast as soon as possible, especially as we arrive at the Thanksgiving holiday. What better time to start.

After reading this post Eric sent me the code Thanku. Use it until Saturday 11/24 and get half off of the

Fibromyalgia-Fitness exercise and diet guide!

Thanks Eric, Keep up the wonderful work!"

Janelle ...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone...

Eric Suarez, CPT.

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