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Anna's fibro. question
October 24, 2012

Anna's question

Anna's comment or question:

Hello I am a teenager with fibromyalgia. I exercise 40 minutes every day and it really helps with all of my symptoms to where pain doesn't interfere with my day nearly as much. I listen to music and do light dancing till I get tired then I walk around for a few minutes and continue. Anyway, when I go to college and stay in a dorm in a few years or even when I stay at friend's house I can't dance in seclusion for 40 minutes. Are there any other exercise routines similar to dancing that has a higher impact than stretching but not too high so that it strains muscles? Just plain walking hurts my knees and I'm afraid yoga won't push my muscles enough but I'm not a fitness expert. Any advice would help!

Thank you very much.

Hi Anna,

Thanks for your question, I'm sure many others have similar questions so I hope this helps. I'm glad to hear that regular exercise helps you with your fibro. symptoms.

As for your dancing, It's something I highly recommend to all those diagnosed with fibro. Dancing uses all of your muscles from head to toe, while giving you a good aerobic workout. This is especially valuable to fibro. and good oxygen intake.

Another workout very similar to dancing is "shadow boxing." When you finally get to college, you will be able to do this routine in a matter of minutes and still reap the positive benefits of dancing.

Also, when staying at a friends house you can easily spend a few minutes in front of the bathroom mirror throwing a few punches.

Click below for one of my YouTube videos describing this shadow boxing routine. Listen to music, relieve some stress, and fight back against fibro. all while burning some serious calories.

Click for your shadow boxing video

Anyway, Anna I hope this helps a bit. Glad to see someone so young taking her fibro. treatment into her own hands. I'm sure there are many older adults that can learn from you...

U Go Girl!


Eric Suarez, CPT.

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