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Exercising Everyday
June 20, 2018

Should I exercise everyday?

"No Pain No Gain'

I am sure you have all heard that if exercise doesn't hurt, it won't work. That is only true for 1 group of people, professional body builders. For the typical athlete and regular person it is completely false.

We must exercise smarter.

Here is an example. If on Monday you can only do 9 push ups and I make you do 10 push ups, you are exceeding your max effort, but, you probably wont be able to do 10 push ups on Tuesday because of soreness. You probably won't be able to do 10 push ups until Wednesday and then again on Friday skipping Thursday. That equals 30 push ups for the week.

Now, If you can do 9 push ups and I only have you do 8 push ups, You will be able to complete those same 8 push ups everyday of the week, not having to skip a day for soreness. Thus, instead of only doing 30 push ups for the week, you have completed 40.

This increase in volume, however small, will keep you stronger without the unnecessary soreness. This is what it means to exercise smarter, and this is how we train at Fibromyalgia-Fitness...Smarter!

Eric Suarez,CPT.

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