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Don't Give Up!
May 04, 2013

Keep at it...

Deciding to live a healthy life with fibromyalgia is NOT easy.

From sugar addiction to becoming lazy with your health, there are always things that will try to delay your progress.

You must stay committed!

Many people with fibromyalgia give up when they don't see or feel immediate results. Results are not made in a microwave, they are made with time.

As humans we don't like that, we want everything to happen on our time.

You must make a plan to exercise and eat clean. You then take action and remain patient as you progress a little everyday.

Don't be like the gold miner who gave up 2 feet from striking gold.

You will get healthier and feel better, but it takes time and commitment.

Here are 2 quick exercise routines to get you started.

1. Stand tall behind your chair and place your hand on the back of the seat. 2. Place your feet at your sides wider than your shoulders, point your toes outward. 3. While bending your knees as if you were going to sit down, breathe deeply. 4. Sit as far down as possible and hold the position for 2-5 seconds, breathe deeply. 5. Keep your back straight and your core tight. 6. Return to the standing position.

1. Sit in your chair with your back straight and you core tight. 2. Raise your arms strait above your head and bring your hand together. 3. While breathing deeply bend your upper body to the left and hold for 2-5 seconds. 4. Next continue to breathe deep and bend your body to the left and hold 2-5 seconds.

Click here for more fibromyalgia exercises.

"The two most powerful warriors are patience and time" - Tolstoy

Eric Suarez,CPT.

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