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Your Thanksgiving Workout
November 22, 2013

Your Thanksgiving treat

Thanksgiving is approaching...

I wanted to send you a quick stretching routine to do before next Thursday.

For those of you who have not invested into the program yet, It will be 50% off of the purhase price until Thanksgiving.

Anyway, enjoy the workout and make sure you take off the day after Thanksgiving to just Chillax...

Exercise - Sets - Reps - Rest

1A. Triangle pose (pg.16) 2 5–10 each side 30 sec. 1B. Warrior pose (pg.16) 2 5-10 each leg 30 sec.

2A. Hip crossover (pg.34) 2 5-10 each side 30 sec. 2B. Internal hip rotation.(pg.27)2 8 30 sec.

3A. Single leg raises (pg.29) 1 - 5 each leg for 30 sec. 3B. Bird dog (pg. 34) 1 5 each side 30 sec.

Rest Days;

Weeks 5 and 6 – Simply rest on your days off from exercise. Weeks 6 and 8 – Complete 2 sets of any warm up exercise above.


1. Eat more protein. 2. Stand tall/Good posture 3. Keep carbs under 90 grams a day.

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Have great Holiday,

Eric Suarez, CPT.

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