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How to cope with fibromyalgia
December 15, 2015

Coping with fibromyalgia

"When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and HANG ON!" F.D.R.

Coping with fibromyalgia will require 2 things;

Patience & Persistence

Maybe you have just been diagnosed, and are searching for ways to cope.

Has your fibromyalgia diagnosis become a heavy burden? Are you sleeping less and stressing more?

Why do your Doctors think that it's all in your head?

Is there really something wrong with you?

What are the causes of fibromyalgia?

Could it just be stress?

These are just some of the many things which go on inside the head of a person coping with fibromyalgia.

It won't be easy but you must remain positive. Life is full of surprises.

Most women who suffer from fibromyalgia are between the ages of 29 to 50 years of age.

That is just way to young to give up on your dreams.

Maybe the secret to coping with fibromyalgia begins with this;

"You must be persistent in turning something negative into something positive.

Can you actually have a better quality of life now?

What are some of the physical things you never challenged yourself with before fibromyalgia?

You see, when the difficulties of life strike, it is human nature to become depressed, stressed, uncertain, confused, and just plain ole sad.

That is normal, but, You cannot remain there.

Do you have a husband?, children?, parents?, friends?, People that depend on you?

Could you possibly turn into a shining example of strength?

Yes, you can!

You need to transform your mind.

Coping with fibromyalgia is just one other unpleasant thing that you will have to deal with in this life;

It won't be the last!

So, how do you cope with something that is surrounded by so much confusion?

Throughout the years of training women towards a fitness lifestyle, the influx of women suffering from fibromyalgia has dramatically increased.

A major complaint of these women surrounds the lack of awareness that many health care professionals have concerning the causes of fibromyalgia.

Many Doctors are unwilling to recognize that fibromyalgia is a real medical condition. Since there is no "real" treatment for fibromyalgia, you are left alone to cope with fibromyalgia.

This can be especially frustrating since there is so much information out there.

If you suffer from fibromyalgia one thing is clear.

You cannot become completely sedentary, (a couch potato).

You must be willing to give yourself a fighting chance for the treatment of your fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia exercise is one way to get your muscles and joints loose. Will it hurt?

You won't know unless you try.

Remember, exercise is not meant to be comfortable.

Muscular activity utilizes another part of the brain and shifts the strain to give relief.

The causes of fibromyalgia are still very confusing.

Some research will say that it is a dysfunction in your immune system, others say stress is to blame.

I can tell you with all the confusion surrounding the causes of fibromyalgia set aside;

If you are not moving your muscles and your joints throughout the day, your fibromyalgia symptoms will surely worsen.

Remember, this is fibromyalgia-fitness, so I will always motivate you to get well through fitness.

Fibromyalgia exercise should be the foundation of all your other treatment for fibromyalgia.

There is just nothing out there that will get you feeling better about yourself! Discover why your fibromyalgia pain management needs exercise. The tips and information that follow, come from other men and women just like you who are coping with fibromyalgia on there own terms.

Use this information as a guide and remember to pay it forward.

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