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For fibro. this works like crazy...
March 13, 2013

Your Contract

You need to hold yourself accountable...

In all of my research on fibromyalgia, that really is the bottom line.

Last week you heard from triathalete and former fibromyalgia sufferer, Lynn Lennon. What separates fibromyalgia and Lynn these days is that she holds herself accountable.

And just like her, you are responsible for your own fibromyalgia treatment plan. Whether you struggle with exercise or diet, it's normal, even I struggle from time to time.

But at the end of the day I am responsible for my health and my future, and so are you!

Below I have added a unique health contract to help you stay on track. Print it out and place it on your refrigerator or somewhere else that you will see it everyday.

Sign the contract, hold yourself accountable, and start getting healthy!

I, hereby agree and commit to take the following steps to improve my accountability to myself and increase my chances for healthy success:

1. I will not sacrifice my own needs to make other people happy, or do for them what they can and should be doing for themselves. When there is a conflict between my exercise and eating plans and what other people want me to do, I will negotiate to find a reasonable solution that allows me to do what I need to do for myself.

2. I choose to be in charge of my own decisions and behavior. I will not talk, think, or act as if my partner, child, spouse, cravings, or subconscious made me do it. I will ask myself what’s most important to me at that moment and make my decision. If I don’t like the consequences, I will try something different the next time.

3. I will not let one small slip-up convince me that I'm stupid, worthless, or a lost cause. I will respect myself by refusing to engage in verbal self-abuse, and I will find positive ways to comfort and support myself when I’m having a hard time.

4. I will listen to my own self-talk, identify the thoughts, attitudes, behaviors that are getting in the way of my success, and remain positive.


I believe that we are solely responsible for our choices, and we have to accept the consequences of every deed, word, and thought throughout our lifetime. -Elisabeth Kubler-Ross


Eric Suarez, CPT.

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