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Struggling with Compassion Fatigue?
October 20, 2015

Compassion Fatigue

This article comes from one of our readers, Mel Viner, and it deals with an incredibly important topic. Thank you Mel!

Is Your Family Struggling With Compassion Fatigue?

When you are channeling positive thinking and working to overcome your fibromyalgia, it is likely that you will have more happy and healthy days than unhappy ones. However there is no avoiding that, at certain points, you will be in pain and you will need the support about your family.

For family members and loved ones that have spent a significant period of time seeing you in pain and feeling helpless and unable to help you, no matter how much they wish they could, it is likely that they may begin to experience what is known as compassion fatigue. First noticed in nurses who work in high pressure environments, such as emergency rooms, compassion fatigue is frequently experienced by family members and friends of individuals who have long term conditions.

Compassion fatigue can be a very serious condition, as individuals struggle to cope with caring for someone whose condition cannot be cured. It is characterised by a wide range of different symptoms, not all of which have to present, but which can include: anger, depression, exhaustion, headaches, abuse of substances such as alcohol, drugs, or food, lower self-esteem, stomach complaints, and other forms of mental health problems or non-specific pain.

If someone in your family is suffering from compassion fatigue then there is nobody to blame, particularly you, but it is important that they are encouraged to seek help. The tools they need to overcome their compassion fatigue are tools they already possess, but they may well need the help and support of a professional to release them.

You can read more about compassion fatigue and the affects that it can have on families by reading the full version of this article here.

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