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The Danger of Self Pity
October 02, 2015

The Dangers of Self Pity

β€œIt's all right to sit on your pity pot every now and again. Just be sure to flush when you are finished.” ― Debbie Macomber, Mrs. Miracle.

Self Pity has been called the most useless of all human emotions. It does nothing for us and actually can be extremely destructive.

I am not saying it is not useful to feel bad for yourself every once in a while, Just make sure your fibromyalgia doesn't keep you swamped in self pity, depression, or anger.

One way to combat self pity is to work diligently at thinking of all the good in your life. Maybe it's your children, your parents, your friends...

Surely you have something worth smiling about. Which brings me to my second tip to combat self pity. Smile - it's free.

Did you know you could trick your emotions into thinking you are happy - just smile and hold it there for a few seconds as you think of something funny.

This usually works best for me as I sit in traffic during rush hour. As crazy as I get, I force myself to smile and usually think of my daughters, try it.

Self Pity - avoid it at all costs!!!

God Bless,

Eric Suarez,

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