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Fibromyalgia Exercise and Diet
August 26, 2014

Believe you can!

Here is an email from one of our subscribers, below it is my response-

" First...THANK YOU for your gift of time and expertise!!! I have become newly motivated since I came across your site. Love you videos, but am wondering if you have anything that continuously takes us through a workout from warm up to cool down. I struggle with how to do that and in what combination. I would happily purchase something!! Also, you make reference to personal training on Skype, have you started that? If so, how does that work? Once again, thank you so much!! God Bless!!" Leslie-

Leslie, I apologize for the delay in responding to you, I've been a little busy lately.

Yes, I do offer 2 e-book programs for fibromyalgia and exercise/diet. They are the exact exercises we use in our daily training with our fibromyalgia fitness clients. The diet plan is also included.

If interested you can purchase one of the programs and I will send you the other system at no cost to you. Just email me with the digital receipt.

Click below to find out a little more and make your purchase.

Fibromyalgia Fitness

Unfortunately our Skype training is filled to capacity but I will add you to the list when a spot opens up.

Take care of yourself Leslie and please keep in touch!

Eric Suarez,CPT

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