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What approach do u take?
September 12, 2019

Keep an Open Mind

Using a GENERAL APPROACH to your fibromyalgia treatment plan is the best approach. Too many times sufferers get to stringent, to focused on just one remedy. For example, maybe someone is totally committed to taking medications they are told would be helpful. Or, maybe someone is totally focused on their fitness while ignoring their diet.

Although both are correct, a more generalized approach to all options would be the best approach. To break it down even further, a better plan would be to try different exercises and diets experimenting with reputable supplements like omega 3 fish oil, all while speaking with your Doctor about available medications.

Whatever you are doing to get healthier will improve your circumstances, but a combination of all available resources will improve your chances significantly.

Remember, this is fibromyalgia-fitness, so I will always motivate you to get well through fitness and a healthy diet, along with your Doctors recommendations…

You can do it!

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