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Keep Fighting!
February 23, 2018

The Fight

Below is an email from one of our Fibro-Fitness subscribers. I am sure most of you will feel her pain. The most important four words come at the end, keep fighting folks!

"I have been suffering w fibromyalgia for about 7 years but was misdiagnosed for 5, and 2 years ago finally they told me what it was that was causing me to be in pain all time. I was sleeping only 3-4 hrs. at night and gained 40 pounds in the last 3 years. I can cope with pain most of the time, but I went from being very active, running 2 miles a day and lifting weights to having problems even grabbing the treadmill or standing on my own feet.

This is doing more damage to me mentally and emotionally because I am strong and persevering, and I am to up to running 1 mile a day after 6 years, but on those down days in which my mind is ready to go but my body wont allow me to I need someone or something to push me cause I have it in me. I AM A FIGHTER!!!"

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