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Finding Strength
February 09, 2018

The first step

"Destiny will favor me if I am prepared in mind, body, and spirit."

Notice the above quote lists three staples of a successful future - mind, body, and spirit. I know many people who are healthy in body and very sick in the mind, and some sick in the spirit.

So the body is only 1 part of the trifecta, you need a healthy mind and a healthy spirit as well.

It's obvious that fibromyalgia will reduce what can be done with the physical body. And surely it effects your mind and spirit occasionally as well.

But, If you want a healthy and happy destiny, all three must align.

I am not stating it will be easy, but the most important step to any adventure is that first step. Be strong enough to take that first step - Go for it!

God Bless,

Eric Suarez, CPT

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